Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Hard Out Here for a 'Nole

I can't escape it. Everywhere I turn I see it. And it's driving me MAD! That stupid Gator logo is everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean EVERY-FUCKING -WHERE! As a college sports junkie the two sites I spend the most time on (other than Warchant) are and, and I defy you to spend more than 30 seconds on either site without stumbling across some article or another openly fellating the Crocs and Urban Meyer. Never mind that it took a staggering collection of lucky breaks and colossal upsets for UF to find itself in its current position as National Champ, never mind that Urban is being hailed as a genius despite the fact that UF won thanks to a defense he didn't coach manned by players he didn't recruit. Such trivialities as "facts" needn't cloud one's judgement when it's so much easier to revel in partisan hystrionics, as exemplied by this column from former Orlando Sentinal columnist Jemele Hill who apparently believes the 'Noles should just go ahead and shut down the football program now instead of continuing to offer token resistance against the Urban Empire (note to self: next time in Florida, hit Jemele Hill with car. Run.) Never mind that we nearly forced the omnipotent Gators to overtime despite feilding one of the youngest teams in the nation, never mind that with a competent OC we win four more games at least. It's over, the dream is dead, time for 'Ol Bobby to head out to pasture. The Age of Urban has begun.
Resistance is futile

And now the Croc-luv has extended beyond the collgiate level and invaded seemingly every other facet of the sports universe. All weekend I've had to watch analysts praise Rex Grossman (who had one decent throw against Seattle after killing his team for three-plus quarters) and Tom Brady's all-UF receiving corp (who have hamstrung the Pats offense all year with their lack of pace and inconsistent performance). Today there's an article in USA Today spotlighting David Lee just a couple of pages after the new college basketball poll is'll never guess who's #1 (hint: it's a team FSU beat just a few weeks ago).

Bottom line: Seminole fans everywhere are in a Best of Times/Worst of Times situation here. On the one hand there's more hope for the football team then there's been in years. The coaching situation is working out quite nicely (post once the changes are complete), and recruiting is going better than expected. At the same time it's physically impossible to escape constant reminders of the unprecedented run our enemies from the East are on right now. I can't change it, I can't make it better, all I can do is offer three pearls of wisdom for Seminoles everywhere:

1. It can't last forever. Seriously, for the last two years everything has gone against us and for them. But luck is a cyclical thing and eventually even the biggest rush comes to an end. At some point, probably sooner rather than later, they'll stop getting all the breaks and some semblance of order will return to the universe.

2. It can't get any worse. This is a mixed bag since right now UF is hotter than any athletic department has been in recent memory. And yet we hung right with them in football (and have I mentioned that we whupped the Crocs' and Joakim Noah's ugly ass in Basketball? I thought they were supposed to be good or something). The gap between the two athletic departments is already smaller than people believe, and the Crocs have to come back down to earth soon.

3. They're still Crocs and we're still 'Noles. Seriously, who would you rather root for: a whiny littly bitch like Urbie or a classy gentleman like Bobby Bowden? As someone once said, I'd rather root for an 0-12 FSU team than a 12-0 Gator team, and after this year I realized they were right.

Keep you chin up 'Nole fans, for better days are ahead for us (and the BS in Gainesville can't go on forever...can it?)


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Gator Doug said...

What does Booby exactly coach? Urban is involved in all facets of the game. I think it shows. Be afraid nole boy. Urban is texting at zook speed while Bobby is napping--shifting uncomfortably due to those hemrroids. Be afraid
Gators are possibly setting up for a USC Trojan like run. Check your rating on the current recruiting status.

Focus on selling tickets to the Nole Nation and not to other Gators when we visit Ron Zook Field at Joak Campbell Stadium

Sad. Be afraid and look at my brand new National Champions license plate on the front of my new car.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger jtstephe74 said...

Bowden retired 3-4 years ago, but FSU fans have not figured that out yet. Bobby has FSU by the ankles and is going to keep shaking until he gets as much money out of you guys as possible. If you want a HC whose primary responsibilities are eating oatmeal, driving a golf cart, and career planning for his children, you have got your man, but don't surprised when the Urban Meyer's of the world start beating you on a regular basis.

You are comparing FSU to a team that won the National Championship. The only decent team you beat all year was UCLA. Why don't you first focus on finishing in the top half of your conference? Scratch that, how about the top half of your division in your conference? Whose being delusional now?

And by the way, whatever happened to all those Top 5 recruiting classes? Were they over-rated or under-coached? Or are they in jail?

Your dogging on Grossman, but he's going to the Super Bowl. Who's the last FSU QB to go to the Super Bowl? Oh that's right, FSU has never had a QB in the Super Bowl. In fact, they have barely even had any QBs in the NFL. IF Grossman had gone to FSU, he would have been the QB you guys ever had.

Get over yourselves. The 90's are over.

At 12:47 PM, Blogger mobius said...

" Be afraid
Gators are possibly setting up for a USC Trojan like run."

- Correction sir, the USC Trojans are setting up for an FSU-like run

"Sad. Be afraid and look at my brand new National Champions license plate on the front of my new car.
6:48 AM"

- First of all, what the hell were you doing posting trash-talk at 6:48 in the morning?!? I'm impressed and appalled all at the same time. Second, congratulations, that makes two for each of us. Of course, we got ours in half the time, but I'll let you have your moment...

"Who's the last FSU QB to go to the Super Bowl? Oh that's right, FSU has never had a QB in the Super Bowl. In fact, they have barely even had any QBs in the NFL."

- Hmmmmm, my memory's not what it used to be but I seem to recall Brad Johnson not only making it to the Super Bowl, but WINNING the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay (with a big assist from the immortal Derrick Brooks and MVP Dexter Jackson. Guess where they both played their college ball...). And 'ol Brad didn't drag down his whole team along the way. But like I said, don't let trivialities like "facts" cloud your judgement; preach on brother! Maybe someday FSU will match the legendary NFL feats of Terry Dean, Danny Weurffel, and Jesse Palmer...


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

you ever think about getting into blogging again?

a new era has begun, the evil reign of Urban Chaos is about to come to an end.

Jimbo Fisher is about to turn the tables on the Crocs.

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