Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

- You know, Rule 3-2-5e has gotten all the attention this season, and I'll admit that it sucks, but not many people have noticed the impact of rule 4-2-0c, which states that "if a team wins a big game at home and then has to immediately play another big game on the road, especially if they have to play on short rest or at night, that team shall fall apart in the second half in a crushing loss." Florida was the first to feel 4-2-0c's effects, losing at Auburn after their big win over LSU. A few weeks later The Clemson Tigers fell victim to the new rule when they followed up a dominant victory over Georgia Tech by getting owned by Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Tonight 4-2-0c claimed its latest victim when Louisville, fresh off a huge win over West Virginia, saw its National Title hopes die when Brian Ito's mulligan FG split the uprights. I guess that's the danger of playing a game in which emotion plays such a crucial role. It's not easy to maintain the kind of intensity needed to beat a fired-up opponent, as several contenders have learned so far.

- "Excuse me, Coach Schiano? You have a call from a Mrs. Shalala. She says it's urgent...."

- Arrelious Benn to Illinois?!? Ron Zook is an unintelligible, unintelligent mess who's absolutely useless on gameday. And yet he pulls in big recruits every year! And you know what? That's fine with me now that he's not at UF. Obviously I would have preferred if Benn had signed with FSU, but since the alternative was watching a 5-star receiver sign with Notre Dame I'm glad he decided to waste four years with the Zooker. Enjoy winning tenth-place in an eleven-team league every year, Arrelious.

- Thank God North Carolina did the smart thing and wrapped up Butch Davis. Sure, he's going to use them like a dish rag and bolt as soon as he gets a better offer, but in the meantime he should make the Tarheels a competitive team again. He's a great recruiter and he's got the talent-rich Tidewater area of Virginia just to the North and all ofhis contacts in Florida to the South.

- Speaking of Florida, it's just another kick in the nads that FSU and Miami are sucking this year when one-loss Louisville and undefeated Rutgers are stocked with Florida-born players the Big 3 didn't want. Ouch.

- Back on that topic, Louisville's offensive line was a sieve in the second half. Greg Schiano's defense did a tremendous job bring blitzers from all angles, but many times the pressure was simply due to Rutgers' undersized linemen outhustling the Cardinals' front five.

- How under the radar is Cal? They were written off for dead after the Tennessee game, then they received a ton of pub when they bounced back blowing out team after team, and now they're invisible again. If they beat Southern Cal - and they should - they could win the Pac-10 and head to the BCS 11-1. And no one east of the Mississippi will give a crap.

- Okay if each of the following teams was to win out who do you give the edge to for a spot in the National Title game? It should be based on schedule and quality of wins, right? So who do you pick out of this group (with their four toughest games in parentheses):
1. Florida (LSU, @Auburn[L], @FSU, Arkansas)
2. Auburn (LSU, Arkansas[L], Florida, @Alabama)
3. Southern Cal (@Oregon State[L], Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame)
4. Notre Dame (@Georgia Tech, Penn State, Michigan[L], @ Southern Cal)
5. Cal (@Tennessee[L], Oregon, UCLA, @Southern Cal)
6. Texas (Ohio State[L], @Oklahoma, @Nebraska, Texas A&M)
7. Arkansas (Southern Cal[L], @Auburn, Tennessee, LSU)

That's a tough one. It should be fun finding out!


At 8:48 AM, Blogger JTS said...

I don't understand how anyone that thought an undefeated Louisville or WV should get in the NC game could argue that Rutgers wouldn't deserve it after beating both those teams.

If Florida wins the SEC, they should get in. Sorry Texas you already had your shot at OSU.

If Arkansas wins the SEC, USC should get in. Yeah they lost to the Beavers, but if Arkansas is the best the SEC has to offer USC blew them out.

People that argue for a Michigan OSU rematch are just retarded. Just like Texas, you have your shot. Win and you are in.

If Auburn can't win their division much less their conference, they do not deserve to get in.

So in summary:

Out (or Super Longshot)

Loser of OSU Michigan
Notre Dame

Got a shot (In order of opportunity)

1. Undefeated Winner of OSU / Michigan (Definitely in)

2. Florida w/ 1 Loss

3. USC w/ 1 Loss

4. Undefeated Rutgers

5. Then it starts getting really messy

At 9:04 AM, Blogger JTS said...

I changed my mind. USC over Florida

If USC can beat Arkansas, Nebraska, California, and Notre Dame, I don't think you will find a 1 loss team with 4 wins of higher quality.

If Florida wins out, they likely have beaten Arkansas, LSU, and Tennessee, but their fourth best win would be against either unranked FSU or UGA.

So basically, I am going with USC's better wins over Florida's better loss (Auburn vs Oregon St).

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If Florida wins the SEC, they should get in. Sorry Texas you already had your shot at OSU."

Where were you in 1996? Florida had their shot against FSU on Nov. 30, and got a rematch one month later for the national title.

Texas would certainly deserve a rematch with Ohio St if that's what it comes down to. Florida couldn't argue - they set the precedent.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger mobius said...

Well I guess we don't have to worry about Texas or Auburn. At this point if everyone wins out the list of deserving one-loss teams is as follows:

1. Southern Cal - Strong schedule, and as Jeff pointed out they'd have better wins than Florida. Plus the Gators continue to struggle every week.

2. Arkansas - They pounded Tennessee and Auburn. Their loss to USC wass bad, but they had a different QB and a hobbled Darren McFadden for that game.

3. Florida - Sorry but when you need miracles every week to beat unranked teams you have no argument.

4. Michigan/OSU loser - With the weakness of the Big 10 the loser of this game won't come close to any of the above teams in Strength of Schedule.

The wild-card is Rutgers. If they win out do they get in? Of course not, but the Big East will have a legitimate gripe.

At 5:31 PM, Blogger JTS said...

The new top 5:

1. Winner of OSU / Michigan

2. USC

3. Florida w/ 1 loss

4. Undefeated Rutgers

5. Notre Dame w/ 1 loss

Why no Arkansas?

Teams that lose by 36 on their own field should not get picked ahead of undefeated or other 1 loss teams. I know their QB was out and McFadden was hurt, but guess what every team has injuries at different times of the year. I don't hear anybody giving Louisville a pass because Bush is out or 1 loss Wake Forest who has played the entire season without its #1 QB and top 2 RBs. People also seem to forget that Arkansas would have lost to Alabama if not for a missed chip shot field at the end of regulation and only won because the same kicker missed an extra point in OT. And how about that 2-point victory over Vanderbilt? I am not saying they are not good, but the way things have played out they are in bad shape to get into the championship game and here's why:

Why Florida is ahead of Arkansas?

Doesn't really matter. They play each other. I think Arkansas will beat them, but if not then they should get in if USC loses.

Why Notre Dame is ahead of Arkansas?

If Notre Dame beats USC, they will have beaten the team that beat Arkansas by 36 and their only loss will be to undefeated or 1 loss Michigan. I can't stand the idea of ND getting in, but it is realistic at this point.

Why Rutgers is ahead of Arkansas?

I don't see how you can keep an undefeated BCS conference team with 2 wins over top 10 teams out of the championship game. And Notre Dame has beaten who?

If undefeated Rutgers does not get to play for the NC, I think it sends a very poor message about the system.

Also, can anybody figure out why 1 loss Louisville is ranked 2 spots behind 1 loss WVU that they beat?


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