Friday, November 17, 2006

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Okay, I'm running late so I can't write much about this, but with all the hoopla surrounding the Michigan-Ohio State tilt (RIP Bo Schembechler) I had to mention that 10 years there was another "Game of the Century" between arch-rivals ranked #1 and #2. On Thanksgiving Weekend of 1996 Tank Black's - ummm, I mean Steve Spurrier's - Florida Gators strolled into Doak Campbell Stadium with a #1 ranking, a Heisman-frontrunner at QB, and a full complement of future NFL busts at WR. The Seminoles countered with Thad Busby, Warrick Dunn, and one of the greatest Defensive Lines in college football history. Colege football wouldn't see a game of that magnitude, with that much drama, and with so many stars on the field until Southern Cal and Texas played for the National Title last year. I sat down and figured it out one time: out of the 44 starters for both teams at least 40 would go on to play in the NFL, including future Pro-Bowlers like Dunn, Jevon Kearse, Peter Boulware, and Walter Jones.
Warrick Dunn: the man, the myth, the legend

On offense, Warrick Dunn was the hero for the 'Noles, playing like a man possessed and rushing for an awe-inspiring 186 yards. On defense, the 'Noles kicked the ever-loving shit out of Weurffel from start to finish. In fact, that was the day Danny Boy earned the respect of most Seminole fans because he kept getting back up after getting flattened by Boulware, Reinard Wilson, Andre Wadsworth, and pretty much everybody else wearing Garnet & Gold. It was the greatest defensive performance in Florida State history, and remains my favorite FSU victory even ahead of the two National Title wins.

Just remember 'Noles: the greatest Gator team of all time got their punk-asses handed to them when they came to Tallahassee!



At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For about a week, that was my all-time favorite game. Then the powers that be forced a rematch with UF for the national title.

UF stomped us in the Sugar Bowl, and they won the title. That great 24-21 win meant nothing when all was said and done. Nothing.

No, I'm not bitter or anything......

At 7:10 AM, Blogger mobius said...

It didn't mean nothing. I know what happened in the Sugar Bowl, but look at that UF team and tell me beating them didn't mean soamething. Pretty much every guy on Florida's offense (and defense for that matter) went on to the NFL and they had the most explosive offense of the '90s - and FSU's DL dominated the game en route to victory.

Losing the Sugar Bowl hurt (funny how no one ever mentions that it was a one-score game at the half and then Warrick Dunn got hurt and the rest was history) but it doens't change the fact that UF's best team ever got their ass kicked in Doak Campbell!

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned the Warrick Dunn situation in that game. Worse than losing that b.s. game was that our all-time greatest RB, and such a great person, couldn't finish his last college game. When he went out, the score was 24-20 early in the 3rd quarter. Then, all hell broke loose.

By saying our 24-21 win meant "nothing", I meant that it was an irrelevant game in the whole scheme of things. When that '97 Sugar Bowl kicked off, 24-21 might as well never have been played. Because the winner of the Sugar was going to get the crown, even if it was UF by a point.

I'm still a little bitter because Miami handed us our only loss so many times, yet we never got a 2nd try at them. The one time we hand UF that big loss....we have to do it again.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Gator Doug said...


Wow I have never seen the depths to which the FSU program and confidence has sunk.

Taking a trip down memory lane to avoid the present.

Be afraid clownish nole boy.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous BrokerBlake said...

Fla. transplant to Ala. FSU rolled the Tide!


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