Friday, September 08, 2006

The Suck/Rule - 09/08/06

Finally, actual football-related stuff to trash/praise!

Things that Suck
- Any offensive player on Miami not named Lance Leggett
- Every single QB on Cal's roster
- Rule 3-2-5-e. Less football is never a good thing
- Diddy's "rapping"
- Not starting Heath Miller on my Fantasy Football team
- Diddy's propensity to profit off his dead friends
- The tackling skills of Pac-10 defenders
- The name "Diddy"...seriously, how did that douchebag get on the NFL Kick-off show?
- Scheduling a 1-AA cupcake as your opener...and losing!
- Rich Olsen, although I'm psyched that FSU no longer has the worst OC in Florida.
- Over-rated run defenses. Ohio State and Auburn, I'm looking in your direction...
- Wide Right montages
- Every offensive line in the State of Florida
- Rushing for 2 yards
- The unfortunate injuries to Anthony Waters, Michael Bush, and Mike D'Andrea

Things that Rule
- Buster Davis, one-man wrecking crew
- Tennessee's receivers
- The "Stunt City" commercial
- Randy Shannon. How is it that John Bunting's a head coach, but Shannon is not?
- The NFL's return to NBC. It's about damn time.
- Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize"
- Ben Olsen, Dennis Dixon, and possible serial killer John David Booty
- Getting LaDainian Tomlinson at #3 in my fantasy draft!
- Mighty Montana State! Shout-out to the Richmond Spiders as well.
- Mickey Andrews, who once again proved he's the best DC in the country
- Garrett Wolfe
- #1 vs. #2 matchups. btw I like Ohio State, 27-24 (Eugene Robinson Rule in effect
- Every defensive line in the State of Florida
- Rushing for 1 yard...but winning anyway!
- All the players who missed last season with injuries finally getting pay-back for their countless hours of rehab and getting back out on the field. Welcome back gentlemen!


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